POLICY STATEMENT: PENGlobal Unveils Theme for 2024

05 Jan, 2024

We at PENGlobal, the flagship of PENGlobal Associates Limited, PAL, welcome you to a progressive New Year 2024. We also thank our numerous clients, readers and patrons, who, over the years, have helped contribute to the growth of the business and social brand promotional agency.

We are also glad that, in line with our 2023 theme: 'MOVING FORWARD', PENGlobal's major achievements by the business and social brand promotional agency in that year include the unveiling of its official website (www.penglobalinc.com) and the launch of its maiden edition of its magazine, The PENGlobal WATCH.

However, as we progress into the New Year 2024, we are reminded of the fact that, as a child grows up so too the child's diet changes, moving from milk to more solid meals for a healthy growth. On that note and in line with our tradition of formulating a policy statement for each year with the aim of guiding our operations toward our vision of adding more value, PENGlobal hereby unveils its theme for 2024 as 'SETTING A NEW STANDARD'.

This theme, which will be reflected in our operations henceforth, lies in the fact that PENGlobal is not only set to improve on its service delivery efficiently but also in redefining its operational template. Therefore expect innovation from us at its best in our operations in 2024.

Talking about our operations, PENGlobal, as a business and social brand promoter primarily showcases all kinds of social ceremonies (be they indoor or outdoor) as well as create awareness on business brands to our teeming readers and followers online and offline. While over the years much focus have been beamed on social brands, however, this year, we will be beaming same focus on the business brands promotion especially micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) as much as we give attention to social brands.

We once again thank you for believing in us and for your patronage and support over the last few years. We look ahead to more engagements in the New Year and beyond as we are poised to add more value to your brands.

God bless us all, Amen.

CEO/Brand Director, PAL


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