LG POLLS: Politics Beyond Political Party, A Call On Deltans To Wisely Vote APC By David Ebidiseghabofa Abraham

10 Jul, 2024

As the July 13th 2024 Local Government Council election in Warri South-West area of Delta State inches closer, an election which offers an opportunity for Deltans to elect their local government council chairman and councillors, I want to use this medium to appeal to the conscience of fellow Deltans to conscientiously make the right decision based on the reality of the times.

Need I remind Deltans that Saturday, July 13th, is only but one day. However, the decision Deltans will take on that fateful day is going to influence and shape their lives for the next three years. Therefore, it is only pertinent that, come July 13th, Deltans at large will make the right choice in choosing who they will vote for as regards the LG election.

Already, in relation to political parties, there are two sets of top political contending candidates—those of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC)—that will file out on that historic day for Deltans to decide their fates.

First, as a patriotic citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and secondly, as a faithful and concerned indigene of Warri South-West LGA, I call on fellow patriotic citizens in the state as well as the constituents in Warri South-West constituency to rally behind and cast their votes for the APC chairmanship candidate, Amb. Mamamu Bene Youkere, and the councillorship candidate for Kokodiagbene/Benikrukru Ward 20, Mr. Nani Mala, as well as all other candidates of the party in the forthcoming election.

This appeal to fellow Deltans, particularly those of Warri South-West, to vote massively for the APC candidates is one that is dictated by a play of politics beyond political party, as it is time for Deltans to choose those they can trust to effectively represent them as well as lead them in a transparent and accountable manner.

I can assure the electorates in Warri South-West that the candidates of the APC are representatives that they can hold accountable; they are also personalities without a godfather to influence their decisions to the detriment of the people. Moreover, they are grassroots-based leaders sensitive to the needs of the constituency.

It is a testament in Warri South-West that the immediate past LG Council's leadership was abysmal in performance as there is nothing to showcase a dividend of democracy to the people. Should Deltans, particularly those in Warri South-West, continue down the path of such unprogressive leadership that is centered on pleasing only a few, to the detriment of the masses?

Fellow Deltans, the power to shape what the next three years offers is in your hand, domiciled in your voters card. So, come Saturday, July 13, let us all change the narrative by voting en masse for the APC, whose candidates you can be rest assured will turn around the fortunes of our great resourceful state, with opportunities and development for all.

Vote the People's Choice: Amb. Mamamu Bene Youkere for LG chairman, and Mr. Nani Mala as Councillor, Kokodiagbene/Benikrukru Ward 20.

God bless us all!

Long Live Kokodiagbene/Benikrukru Ward 20!
Long Live Warri South-West LGA!!
Long Live Delta State!!!

David Ebidiseghabofa Abraham

#penglobalpolitics #LGElection

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